YELP isn’t FAIR!

This website is dedicated to bringing FAIRNESS to the Consumer Review process.

The issue at stake is Freedom of Speech and what constitutes unfair practices at the expense of legitimate business owners who aren’t allowed Freedom of Speech to respond to unfair consumer reviews.

HIPAA and Patient Reviews.  When a patient complains about a healthcare practitioner, they can say whatever they want on Yelp, including complete and total fabrications.  Regardless of whether the patient hasn’t even been seen by the healthcare provider, Yelp has NO mechanism for protecting the rights of healthcare providers and currently allows patients to post anything they want.  The healthcare provider, first, is restricted by HIPAA law to not discuss or disclose ANY information about a patient.

Traditionally this type of consumer complaint was handled by the consumer going to the local Board who regulates the healthcare practitioner.  This structure allowed the healthcare practitioner to submit their CONFIDENTIAL information to the authorized review Board and a decision would be made.

Yelp has no mechanism to deal with disputed “claims” in the form of responding to illegitimate reviews.